Set The Right Fees

Running a good care home is hard.

You want to deliver the right quality of care, you have to meet CQC fundamental standards with good outcomes, you have to build a solid, loyal team and give them a heap of training much of which is mandatory and so much more.

To be able to do this there is one thing you must get right first.

You must command the right fees.

Most care homes struggle to command the fees they need from their local authorities, which is why so many care homes eventually have to close.

If you don’t receive the fees you need then attend this training and learn how to before it’s too late.

In this half-day seminar you will learn:

  • How the care industry that you work in is set up to make you fail;
  • How to calculate the true cost of running your home;
  • How to calculate the real cost of delivering the right care;
  • How to calculate the profit you need to remain financially viable;
  • How to set the right fees and manage your referrers who will object to paying them;
  • How to re-invest your income wisely to make your home run efficiently and effectively;

We will work through real costing examples using the very Excel-based tools that we have developed and use to calculate the cost of caring for the clients in our homes.

When you attend one of these sessions you will receive copies of these tools and we will show you how to tailor them for your own homes.

Once you receive the right fees you will be able to transform your home and your business and ensure your home isn’t one of the too many that struggle and fail.

Click here to book the session that you wish to attend.

When you click through to book your place you may notice that there is no refund policy. Well, there is but we can’t change that setting at this stage. So please be reassured that if you have any doubt that this seminar can help you, I am offering a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

So, the risk is all mine. Book your place and if you don’t feel we’ve shown you how to set and command the right fees or that the tools are any help to you then we will happily refund all of your money.

Dates and Venue:

8th or 15th March 2018
09:30 registration
10:00 start
13:00 finish
Buffet lunch will be provided

Hilton Hall
Hilton Lane
WV11 2BQ

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