Set The Right Fees

How do you set your fees?

Do you have set bed prices? Do you accept the fees that your local authorities are willing to pay? Do you have to bid online in your region?

However you set your fees, do you accept fees that in reality are too low because you worry about having empty beds?

If you struggle to receive the fees you need then you will struggle to run a good care home the way you want.

For many years the care homes run by our sister company have received the fees they need and full occupancy has been the norm.

Through QoC we want to help you to do the same. The best way to help you is in a small, interactive training environment.

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Too many care homes are struggling and closing.

According to CQC, Between March 2015 and March 2017 200 nursing homes in England closed. That’s around 4000 lost beds. You can probably easily double that figure to take in the rest of the UK. Download CQC report here.

In September 2016 the BBC reported that 1 nursing home is closing every week in England. (Again – extrapolate that for the rest of the country.)

Reasons given for these closures are staffing difficulties (especially nurses), meeting the regulatory standards and funding.

But overcome one of these causes and you can overcome them all.

Receive the right fees and you can afford to hire, train and retain the quality staff (including nurses) that you need and meet regulatory standards.

Receive the right fees and there is no reason why a care home can’t be a ‘good’-rated, successful home.

But, most care homes struggle to set and receive the fees they need from their local authorities and this is the fundamental reason why so many care homes eventually have to close.

If you do struggle to receive the right fees then click the banner below and join us at one of our training sessions.

There are 2 key steps. Setting the right fees and then receiving them.

First, you need to know how to accurately calculate the fees you need. Do you know how to easily calculate the right fees so that you can:

  • Deliver the right care that at least meets your client’s individual needs?
  • Run and maintain a good care home?
  • Invest in your people and home in order to continuously improve?
  • Receive the return you need to keep your business healthy and viable?

This is the vital first step and in our training sessions we show you step-by-step how to calculate these fees. We also provide you with the tools we have developed and use in-house to calculate the fees we need to meet an individual client’s needs and to run our homes well.

Second, you need to receive those fees from your local authorities and we will cover how we do just that.

As I mentioned earlier, we don’t accept the low fees that our local authorities want to pay and neither do we increase our private client fees to compensate.

Our local authorities pay us the fees we need and because they do our nursing homes:

  • Are financially viable;
  • Employ and highly train quality people who deliver the care needed;
  • Run efficiently and effectively;
  • Are rated ‘Good’ by CQC;
  • Are almost always fully occupied.

We set up QoC to help care homes succeed and this is where it starts.

If you need urgent help to command the right fees then feel free to contact us for an informal chat.

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