Hi and welcome to Quality of Care – a new company that helps care home owners and managers run successful care homes.

As you know, there has been a growing problem in the industry – namely fees have stayed low whilst the costs of delivering good care have increased, as have the legislative demands.

Whilst the need for good care homes continues to increase so too does the number of care homes that are struggling to remain viable and that have to close. The result is that demand far outstrips supply and it’s getting worse.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. As a care home owner or manager you don’t have to struggle.

My wife Juliet and I have launched Quality of Care in response to this growing problem. We’re on a mission to help care homes succeed and not struggle.

There is a need in the industry – a glaring gap that hasn’t been addressed….until now. We know we can help care homes be the best in their region – we’ve done it before.

Instead of me waxing lyrical about what we do that’s different, watch this video all the way through. In it I compare 2 home owner/managers – Claire and Pauline. One is successful and the other struggles and I lay out the problems our care homes face – that you face.

And then watch the follow-up video in which I bring all the pieces together and reveal the one big difference between a care home that succeeds and one that struggles. In this 2nd video I then show how we can establish this big difference in your home.

This was a short quick first post to say hello and to introduce us. We’re regularly going to be adding advice and guidance and extra help to the site so I recommend you sign up here to receive these updates and early information about up and coming events and new products.

Meanwhile, I urge you to watch these videos and really understand what we can do and the difference we can make.

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