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We formed Quality of Care because we wanted to help care providers establish and run successful care homes that deliver the care their residents need whilst being financially sustainable.

Our sector is in crisis and with no sign of anything getting better – only worse – we decided we wanted to do something about it.

Our vision is to help make this sector work – for it to be a sector in which care homes can thrive and not struggle and in which people will want to build and open new care homes in the knowledge that it has as much chance of being successful as any other business.

Our Mission is to achieve our Vision by helping care providers build their care homes on a strong foundation based on 3 key elements: Financial Strength, People Strength, and Compliance Strength.

Our experience tells us that if your care home is strong in these 3 areas then it can build a great team of loyal people who deliver quality care whilst remaining financially viable.

And what experience is this? Quality of Care is a spin-off of a company that for 20 years has run nursing homes, which care for vulnerable adults with complex mental health needs.

All 3 elements are vital but Financial Strength is the key building block, which is evident by the fact that record numbers of care homes are becoming insolvent.

Lack financial strength and nothing will work and you will struggle.

So, we decided that this is where we would start.

A successful care home must be run like a successful business, which means it needs to be financially strong. This goal must be at the core of your strategy if you are to not only survive, but be able to consistently deliver the quality of care your clients need. (We don’t like or use the term ‘Service Users’.)

We started to deliver seminars on how to set and receive the fees you actually need. Those who attended our seminars benefited greatly but we needed to help more care providers. And so, we are developing an online tool and guidance that will help you calculate, set and receive the fees you really need and not accept the low fees your Local Authorities are willing to pay. Click this link to find out more.

The next thing you must get right is the people you employ – they make all the difference to the successful running of your care home. You need highly trained, competent people.

So we decided to become an accredited training company so we could deliver quality training that utilised the knowledge and skills of people working in our car homes.

We formed a dynamic team of trainers and assessors, headed by Jayne, who have contributed to the accreditation of QoC by ICQ and Qualsafe. Jayne is also currently heading the work involved to achieve the Matrix quality standards.

We also bring out the best in people with non-care related training. We deliver training on Leadership & Management, Conflict Management, Productivity and Business Strategy. 

Our care homes are compliant and rated Good by CQC (Outstanding in Well-led in one of our nursing homes.) We help other care homes become compliant by carrying out compliance audits and providing guidelines in those areas where compliance is questionable.

One of the latest major compliance requirements applies to all businesses and that’s GDPR. We made our homes GDPR compliant and then turned all the documents, processes and procedures and training material into templates for other providers to use and become compliant as quickly and easily as possible. You can find out more about that here.

So far, we have helped several care homes to increase their fees and their compliance and our training team delivers tens of sessions every week. We have successfully put over 100 people through their diploma and currently putting around 70 students through their diploma at the moment.

We have a plan to launch new products and services aimed specifically at helping you as care providers. For example, the latest product is the free How Strong is Your Care Home tool, which will give you a pretty accurate assessment of how strong your care home foundation really is. This is a powerful tool, which will help you strengthen your care home, so go check it out.

I have written reports such as The Secret to Running a Successful Care Home and Improve Your Care Home Rating. I also have a blog which is worth a read, though I say so myself. I don’t write stuff for the sake of it but write posts that I think will benefit you in the running of your home and business.

So, there’s your big picture of who we are and how we can help you. Now, here’s a little about us, the founders, and our Training and Development Manager, Jayne.

Juliet Briggs

Juliet Briggs

Juliet has the industry knowledge, expertise and experience needed to ensure a care home delivers the best care possible and meet CQC outcomes.

She has been a Registered manager for 17 years and is currently the owner and Registered Manager of 2 care homes that deliver care to those with extreme dementia.

Juliet is passionate about the industry, her clients who reside in her homes and her people who care for them.

She knows first hand just how tough it is to run homes that deliver the care needed, meet the ever-changing legislative demand, bring the best out in her people and remain financially viable.

Juliet became a Registered Nurse in 1987 and is an RGN who holds a Bsc (Hons) Health Studies, Diploma in Management studies and the Registered Managers Award.

Christopher Briggs

Christopher Briggs

After many years working in global corporations and co-founding a software company, Chris founded Your Business Foundation and has been helping businesses achieve greater success by building businesses on strong foundations since 2009.

With a 25 years’ experience in the electronics industry, Chris has traditionally helped technology companies. In recent years he has brought his Business Foundation Building System into the care sector and he helps care providers make their care homes financially strong and run more efficiently, effectively and strategically.

Jayne Tilt

Jayne Tilt

Training Manager

Jayne is an experienced Training and Development Manager and has been instrumental in building our team.

As well managing the department she also delivers care-specific training, is one of our assessors and delivers programs to our care provider sister company such as the Relatives Awareness Programme.

Jayne has a passion for developing people, for sharing talent and knowledge, and setting the highest standards for all staff across our homes.

Outstanding care is delivered effortlessly by our teams through staff knowledge, the right attitude, and continuous personal development”

Quality of Care is an accredited training company. It was accredited by I-can Qualifications Company Ltd and and Qualsafe Ltd.

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