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Chris and Juliet are a man and wife team who have successful businesses and who have joined forces to provide the kind of help that care home owners and managers really need.

The difference Juliet and Chris make is the difference between being an owner/manager who spends all their time fighting fires and who, at best, just manage to keep their head above water and one who can step back, stay in control and take their business to wherever they want it to be.

Juliet Briggs

Juliet Briggs

Juliet has the industry knowledge, expertise and experience needed to ensure a care home delivers the best care possible and meet CQC outcomes.

She has been a Registered manager for 17 years and is currently the owner and Registered Manager of 2 care homes that deliver care to those with extreme dementia.

Juliet is passionate about the industry, her clients who reside in her homes and her people who care for them.

She knows first hand just how tough it is to run homes that deliver the care needed, meet the ever-changing legislative demand, bring the best out in her people and remain financially viable.

Juliet became a Registered Nurse in 1987 and is an RGN who holds a Bsc (Hons) Health Studies, Diploma in Management studies and the Registered Managers Award.

Christopher Briggs

Christopher Briggs


Chris knows how to make businesses work well and achieve its potential. After many years working in global corporations and co-founding a software company, he has been helping businesses, colleges and charities achieve greater success since 2009.

Chris’ current business is Your Business Foundation and he is the best selling author of a book with the same name that shows business owners how to build a strong, successful business.

With a 25 years experience in the electronics industry, Chris has traditionally helped technology companies. In recent years he has brought his Business Foundation Building System into the care sector and he helps home owners and managers make their homes run more efficiently, effectively and strategically.

Quality of Care is an accredited training company. It was accredited by I-can Qualifications Company Ltd and and Qualsafe Ltd.

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