Are You a Care Provider or a Business Owner? It’s a strange question to ask I know and your answer may well be that you are both a care provider and a business owner. But, which comes first?

What if I asked the question a different way? What if I asked you what you do?

What comes to mind first? Is it being a care provider or is it owning a business that provides care?

How you see yourself can have a huge impact on the success of your care home.

In this post I’ll highlight why your answer to this question matters and how you see yourself can affect the success of your care home.

I’m a Care Provider

If that’s what is first and foremost in your mind then you naturally think in terms of the care that your care home delivers. On the surface, this appears to be perfectly reasonable; your focus is the care that your residents receive.

But this is focusing on the end results, on the outcomes, of your service – all good if you are say a care manager, carer or nurse.

But as the owner/registered manager, if your mind-set is care-focused then you start your day ready to sort out any issues that could affect the care your residents receive.

You become reactive to what’s happening on the floor and to the needs of others.

Your days and weeks are filled with problems that you need to resolve and not with how you are going to keep your care home – your business – healthy, strong and moving in the right direction.

If your focus is on this end result then who is making sure that the right foundation that supports the delivery of quality care is in place.

I’m a Business Owner

Yes you are – that is exactly what you are and a business is exactly what you run.

Now, you might say, “Well, yes I know this.” But, how you define yourself, your mind-set being that of a business owner first and care provider second, makes all the difference here.

If you spend all your focus on the outcomes and on resolving issues then you have little or no time to step back and make sure the business itself is strong, that the infrastructure that allows your people to deliver the right care, is working well.

If you could step back and focus on making sure your business works well, instead of being busy resolving issues, then you would find that most of the common issues that keep your days full would disappear because…

You can read here about one owner I helped in this way and the difference it made to her and her care home.

Successful business owners spend their time focused on making the business strong and on making it work well.

They focus on creating and implementing the right strategy for success, on bringing out the best in their people, on establishing working systems and processes, on being compliant and so on.

They know that if they do that then far fewer issues will arise and that the desired outcomes – in your case the right care being given – will result day in and day out.


Focus on the business and the desired outcomes will result.

Do this, and you will still achieve your top desire to deliver quality care.

The aim is the same, it’s the focus and mind set that is different.

Strong business = desired outcomes = quality care

Weak business = daily issues = poor care

Be the business leader your care home needs and run your care home like you would a strong business, on a solid foundation that works well.

Do that, and the result will be the best of care being given to your residents.

If your days are spent reacting to problems and you aren’t able to step away and give the business that is your care home the attention it needs, then your care home isn’t strong enough and is vulnerable.

To understand this more, check out my eBook “Why Most Businesses Fail”. I wrote this with my business coach hat on under another business called, ‘Your Business Foundation’.

If you think you may need help to build a strong, viable care home then contact me at and see how we can help.

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