Are You a Care Provider or a Business Owner?

Are You a Care Provider or a Business Owner?

Are You a Care Provider or a Business Owner? It’s a strange question to ask I know and your answer may well be that you are both a care provider and a business owner. But, which comes first?

What if I asked the question a different way? What if I asked you what you do?

What comes to mind first? Is it being a care provider or is it owning a business that provides care?

How you see yourself can have a huge impact on the success of your care home.

In this post I’ll highlight why your answer to this question matters and how you see yourself can affect the success of your care home.

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If You Let It Go Will It Break?

If You Let It Go Will It Break?

If you walked away from your care home for a few weeks, would it cope without you?

Would your staff continue to deliver quality care as before? Would care plans be kept up to date? Would relatives be happy that they still had someone (other than you) to discuss their concerns with? Would major incidents and accidents be resolved? Would inspections run as well as if you were present?

Or would cracks start to appear and would plates that you kept spinning, start to crash to the ground?

Unfortunately, crashing plates without their leader on hand is all too common for any business including care homes.

If your care home can’t function without you then it isn’t as strong as it needs to be and doesn’t run as efficiently and effectively as it should.

On top of that the pressure on you to keep those plates spinning will wear you down and is, in the long run, unsustainable.

Fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way and a key part of your leadership and the success of your care home, is in preparing it for the day you can step away and it not break. read more…

7 Reasons Why You Must Systemise Your Care Home

7 Reasons Why You Must Systemise Your Care Home

Your care home, like any business, needs to flow like a river.

It needs to flow smoothly from one cause-and-effect stage to the next and be carried through each stage by the systems and processes you have set up.

I describe this more in my report, How Strong Is Your Business?

This flow is essentially your care home running smoothly on a day-to-day basis without the need of your intervention.

In this post, I outline, in no particular order, 7 reasons why your care home will be far better and stronger for being systemised.
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The Vital Elements Your Care Home Needs to Succeed

The Vital Elements Your Care Home Needs to Succeed

Every day thousands of new businesses are created including care homes.

It takes a huge leap of courage to start your own business. You can feel both excitement and fear as you take that first step in a long, difficult but highly rewarding journey.

Everyday, as thousands of businesses start an equivalent number close, the majority having struggled for a while and finally called it a day.

It’s a crying shame but it happens. But for the care sector, it’s more than a crying shame. Every good care home that closes is a disaster.

Between March 2015 and March 2017, 200 nursing homes in England alone closed – that’s around 4000 beds. The sector cannot afford that to happen because, as you know, we need more and more care homes.

But what is really sad is that the vast majority of those businesses, in whatever sector or industry they worked in, that struggled and failed, didn’t need to.

They struggled and failed because they lacked 2 vital elements…they lacked Certainty and Control.

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What is Worse – An Empty Bed or a Low-Fee Bed?

What is Worse – An Empty Bed or a Low-Fee Bed?

We have a major problem in the social care sector. For years care providers have taken in clients for ridiculously low fees.

And because of that not only does the care home struggle to provide the care the residents need but it struggles to survive and does, in the long run, fail.

One clear pressure for accepting a low fee for a client is because it’s preferable to having an empty bed.

If you believe a low-fee client is better than an empty bed then you need to read on and see why that isn’t so. read more…

Care Home Owners – What Is Your #1 Priority?

Care Home Owners – What Is Your #1 Priority?

What is the most important thing that you can do for your care home and for those who live in it?

When I ask this question, I receive answers like…

  • “Make sure my residents receive the best of care.”
  • “Make sure my home is safe and secure for those who live in it.”
  • “Keep my home as fully occupied as possible.”
  • “To pass CQC inspections.”
  • “I don’t know. I just try and keep it working as well as I can.”

Except for the last one, which was more a cry for help, these are justifiable aims.

But to make any of them your top priority is to set your home up to fail. Here’s why. read more…

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