Deliver Quality of Care

To deliver the right quality of care that meets the needs of each of your residents you must excel in two key areas.

  1. You must have the best people who can work together well together and deliver the care your residents really need.
  2. You need your care home to work well and be CQC compliant.

Both elements are “must-haves” and to realise them costs money.

You can only afford to deliver the best care and meet CQC outcomes if you are financially viable – if you have the financial strength to invest in your care home.

To be financially strong you must receive the right fees. If you don’t receive the right fees you cannot afford to deliver the care your residents need  – period.

Financial Viability

Once you receive the right fees, once your business is financially healthy, only then can you deliver the care your residents need and meet the standards this industry demands.

There is no middle ground here. No compromise. No alternative option. You have no choice – you must receive the right fees.

And because everything rests on you receiving the right fees, this is where our help begins.

Learn how to calculate and receive the fees you need to meet an individual client’s needs. Click here to find out more.

Bring Out the Best in Your People

Your people must receive specific training as dictated by their position. This will allow them to legally deliver care and other services.

In addition to that they need to work well together and your managers need to be able to guide, support, inspire and lead them. You need to keep your staff turnover as low as you can and build a loyal team of good people who you can develop to become your future leaders.

We can help you bring out the best in your people. Click here to find out more.

Be Compliant

You need your care home to be rated at least ‘Good’ by CQC and to meet all industry standards and legislation, including the latest GDPR regulation.

If your care home is to deliver quality care, compete with other care homes, fill empty beds and not fear being closed down it must be compliant

We can help you achieve this. Click here to find out more.

Set and receive the right fees, become financially viable, and you will then be able to deliver the quality care your residents need and make sure your care home is compliant.

If this is what you want but aren’t sure how to do this or how to get started the contact us and we will help you.

Build a Strong Business

Once you have these 3 elements in place you can then build a strong, strategic care home business and achieve your long-term ambitions. We can help here too.

Creating and implementing the right strategy is key to the long-term success of any business. If you wish to expand your business or prepare it for exit we can help you develop the right strategy to make that happen.

The best businesses work efficiently and effectively – they are systemised. If your business doesn’t run like an efficient, effective system then it will be costing you more to run and you will be struggling to step back from day to day issues and be the leader it needs you to be.

If you want help building a stronger strategic business that runs well without your daily intervention then contact us and see how we can help.

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