Be Financially Strong

Your care home must be financially healthy to be able to deliver quality care and avoid insolvency.

Are You Receiving the Fees You Need?

The care sector is in crisis with record numbers of care homes becoming insolvent simply because the fees they receive are too low.

If your care home is not receiving the right fees then it won’t be financially strong enough to deliver the care your residents need and remain solvent. No ifs, no buts – its maths.

Your number 1 priority must be to set and receive the fees you need because only then can you sustainably deliver the person-centred care your people need.

Commanding the right fees is not a choice it is a necessity.
Once you Set and receive the right fees you can Transform Your Care Home Business.

Set the right fees and have a care home that:

  • Delivers the care that exceeds the individual needs of your clients;
  • Brings out the best in your people, increases loyalty and reduces staff turnover;
  • Runs efficiently and effectively with few mistakes and little hands-on involvement from you;
  • Is strategic, continuously improving, compliant and rated at least ‘Good’ by CQC;
  • Is resilient enough to handle unexpected crises;
  • Is the place relatives want their loved ones to live in.

Gives you the financial return and security you deserve.

Succeed in an Industry that is Set Up to Make You Fail.
Set the Right Fees Now and Transform Your Care Home For Good.

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