Be Financially Strong

Your care home must be financially healthy to be able to deliver quality care and avoid insolvency.

Are You Receiving the Fees You Need?

If you are not receiving the income and returning the profit you need then, like any business you are going to struggle to deliver your service and remain solvent. 

If you aren’t sure that you are receiving the fees you need to deliver the care your clients’ need and remain financially viable then download this free Care Home Financial Viability Checker and find out.

Commanding the right fees is not a choice it is a necessity.
It is far too important to leave to chance.

When you create your fee are you covering all these elements?

  • A percentage of your running costs that each resident must pay as a minimum;
  • How much basic daily care is included in this running cost. It’s crucial that you know this because it would be so easy to use it up and end up subsidising the care you provide;
  • All of the extra and specialist care the person needs and how much that care costs you in staff numbers and hours each week.
  • Any medical sundries and specialist equipment hire or purchase you need to make;
  • A small contingency factor to cover future rises in costs;
  • Your target profit.

Are you confident you can set the right fee?
If not then check out the Quality Care Calculator.
It is the only tool that will calculate the fee you need based on the care your client
needs and the return your care home needs.

Go to the Quality Care Calculator to see a video of how it works and all of its features.

It is the only tool that will ensure you set the right fees that meet both the

care needs of your clients and the financial needs of your care home.

Can Prove the Fee I need…

Being able to prove the cost of the care we need to deliver the care needed and sticking to our guns has resulted in us receiving the right fees.

Kate Collins, Home Manager

Taken Back Control…

Having spent years putting together quotes based on what authorities were willing to pay, I now have a tool that gives me the confidence to challenge and ultimately get the fee I need.

Stephanie Smith, Home Manager

  • Calculate Accurate Quotes in Minutes

  • Cover your care costs

  • Create a full breakdown of care needs

  • Add the profit your business needs

  • Store all your quotes securely online

  • Eliminate guesswork

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