GDPR: Take the Headache out of Being Compliant

If your care home isn’t GDPR compliant it could cost you in lost referrals, failed inspections, heavy fines and even the closure of your home.

We are holding a free seminar on the morning of 11th September at Hilton Hall, Wolverhampton. Join us and learn exactly how to become GDPR compliant.

This seminar isn’t about what GDPR is, it’s about you knowing how to implement it to ensure that your staff and care home are fully compliant.

The symptoms of non-compliance are:

  • Crippling fines.
  • Failed CQC inspection.
  • No new NHS referrals.
  • Likely non-compliance by your staff putting your care home at risk of fines and closure.
  • Stress and sleepless nights.


Becoming GDPR compliant is a huge task – it took our care homes 3 months of hard work and expertise and over £5000 to get our own care homes compliant. It was a real headache, but we did it and now we can help you do it too at a fraction of the time, cost and impact on your care home.

In this free seminar we will show you what to do to become GDPR compliant and how our GDPR Compliance Blueprint and Pack will give you all you need to make this happen.

Click the link below to find out more and to secure your place for this vital seminar or email to request your place.


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