Attention Care Home Owners and Managers

To be successful your care home needs to be financially strong, needs to have loyal, well-trained people giving their best, needs to be compliant and needs to run efficiently and effectively.
We help care and nursing homes build this solid foundation.

To be successful a care home needs to be financially viable, needs to have loyal, well-trained people giving their best and needs to be compliant.

Be Financially Viable

To deliver the best of care your care home needs to be financially viable.

Bring Out the Best in Your People

Your people are your greatest asset and can make all the difference to the success of your care home. Their development is the key to your success.

Bring out the best in them.

Be Compliant

Your care home must be compliant, meet a huge rafter of industry standards and legislation and be rated at least ‘Good’ by CQC.

Which Best Describes Your Situation?

solve your big issues

I have a big challenge that is impacting my home and I need help.

improve your care home

I’m doing ok but fire-fighting and stressed and need to be doing better

grow your care home business

I’m doing well and would like to expand and grow the business

How We Can Help

We can help you to make sure your care home not only meets CQC outcomes to a “good” standard but achieves a high level of profit in order to maintain financial viability.

We can help you:

  • Command the right fees for your clients so that you can give them the care they need – and yes, that includes current clients;
  • Recruit, develop and retain the right people so that you reduce staff turnover, reduce high agency costs and improve continuity of care;
  • Develop your future managers through training and development and succession planning programmes;
  • Implement key systems and processes and introduce tools that will reduce valuable time, reduce mistakes, increase the quality of your reporting, meet CQC outcomes and keep your home running efficiently;
  • Develop the right business model and strategy to ensure your success in the coming years.
Find Out More...

We can help and we are here to ensure your clients don’t have to move due to home closure or financial instability, or failure to meet CQC requirements or because of safeguarding issues.

You can be financially healthy and still pay the national living wage, have the best trained and supported staff, deliver the best care and meet higher than minimum standards that CQC defines.

We are on a mission and have created QoC in response to the ever increasing challenges that care home owners and managers face.

Our society needs care homes to succeed not struggle and fail.

With 21 years between us in the care sector, we know how to help you succeed.

With an increasing aging population mental health issues such as dementia are prevalent and, with a predicted 800,000 more beds being required in the next 10 years, concerns about bed availability are ever growing.

If you want to succeed, want to develop and improve, want to deliver the right care and expand to provide more care to those who need it then we are here to help.

Our passion is care, first and foremost, but doing that doesn’t mean you have to run a business that struggles to make a profit.

Profit is not a dirty word as suggested by those who purchase your services. It is a necessity. And even more so for any business that is working within the confines of today’s economic pressures from local government, the rising demands of legislation and the ever increasing costs of running a good care home.

With us, you can move your business forward and it be the success you always wanted it to be.

So, if we have hit a chord with anything we have said and you want to make a difference to peoples’ lives and to your own current business in care, then contact us to see how we can help you.

If you would simply like to talk to us then call us on 01902 297872 or email us at

Quality of Care is an accredited training company. It was accredited by I-can Qualifications Company Ltd and and Qualsafe Ltd.

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