How Strong is Your Care Home?

The strength of your care home is directly proportional to the quality of the foundation it is built on.

Watch this important short video to find out why.

If any of these 3 vital elements, that I talk about in the video, are weak then, just like a weak link in a chain, your foundation will not be strong enough to ensure the success of your care home.

How Strong is Your Care Home?

Seriously, based on these 3 foundational elements, how strong is your care home?

Of course, you know at a higher level. You know if…

  • You are not receiving high enough fees;
  • Your people aren’t all working well together or receiving all the training they need;
  • How compliant you are from your last CQC inspection, if you’ve made your home GDPR compliant and from how much the KLOES are embedded in how you run your home.

But where exactly are the weaknesses? If you don’t know how can you do something about them?

Well, the truth is, you can’t do anything about them. You’re blind to the inherent weaknesses in your business and that makes you vulnerable because you can’t be fully prepared for unexpected situations that can harm it.

It’s like going to your GP complaining that you don’t feel well. Your GP does some basic tests and confirms that you are right, you are in fact not well. Great – see you then.

What you need is for your GP to diagnose exactly what the problem is so that something can be done about it.

And that’s exactly what you need to do with your care home. You need to thoroughly diagnose where the weaknesses are so that you can do something about it.

Ok – so where do you start? How do you build an accurate diagnosis that clearly highlights where your problem areas are? You can spend weeks figuring this out for yourself, pay a lot of money to a consultant to carry out an assessment and receive a long-winded report with recommendations or [fanfare] you can download the Care Home Health Check Tool For Care Homes and carry out this assessment yourself.

This is a powerful tool that will help you accurately assess how strong your care home is and where it is potentially weak and vulnerable.

It will help you prioritise what you need to do to make your care home as strong as possible as quickly as possible.​

Based on 149 statements for you to score you and your business against, this tool will reveal just how strong – or not – your care home is in 3 key areas:

  • Financial and Strategy Strength: Is your home is financially strong and guided by a solid strategy?
  • People Strength: Do you bring out the best in your people?
  • Compliance Strength: Is your home is compliant and does it meet CQC and industry standards.

Use detailed charts to see at a glance where your care home is strong and where it is weak and vulnerable.

Receive guidance on how to strengthen weak and vulnerable areas so you can plan how to address them.

Use the tool to track how much stronger your are home becomes over the next 2 years.

The Health Check Tool For Care Homes will save you many months of effort and trial-and-error and the cost to your business that goes with that.

The investment in this tool is nothing compared to the return that it will bring you time and again.

Create a clear picture of where your business is strong, where it is weak and vulnerable and know what you need to do to make it strong enough for the journey ahead.

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