One of the key elements to having a successful care home is your people. They really are your strongest assets and can make or break your care home.

Good people will free up your time to focus on keeping on course. Bad people will drag you back into your business to correct their mistakes or resolve problems they’ve created.

Because good people are so important, you need to spot them and nurture them.

Your biggest team are your carers and you understandably hire those who have the experience, or who you think can provide the care your residents need.

You don’t have the crystal ball to see who would turn out to be standout stars because, like everyone else, they are hired for the particular skill that the job requires and not for any other attributes or skills that you would look for in people higher up the ladder, such as leadership, initiative, drive, determination, communication and so on.

And so, like any employer, the bulk of your people will do their job and that’s it. They will carry out their tasks but show little or no initiative or creativity. And that’s fine; you hired them to do a job and they do it.

But amongst these people, there will be those who will go the extra mile, who really will care about what they’re doing and about those around them. It doesn’t matter at what level of the business they are at, they will do their best and if they see a better way, they will come forward with new ideas.

The larger the organisation the harder it can be to spot these stars, especially if they report in to a manager who is mediocre. All too often employers lose their stars because their light was hidden by a manager who felt threatened by their talent.

But these people are your future leaders – the people who could make a huge positive difference to your care homes and business. Companies need to be better at spotting them and nurturing them because all too often they get frustrated and leave and all that potential is lost.

Look at your people at all levels of your business and make sure that you spot the talented ones. Make sure that you bring out the best in them and that you give them the opportunities and career path to grow.

Richard Branson said his success came from surrounding himself with talented people. He also said, “Train people well enough so that they can leave, treat them well enough so that they don’t want to.”

How do you spot your stars and bring out the best in them? If you don’t you may well be losing good people and all that talent that could have made all the difference to the future success of your organisation. Check here to see how we can help you bring out the best in your people.

Photo Credit: Fanny Schertzer [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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