Our Home Is Working but Could Be Better

I’m doing ok but fire-fighting and stressed and need to be doing better.

Your home is working but needs you there to sort out the daily issues that land on your desk.

Your home provides quality care and meets CQC outcomes with few, if any, minor outcomes.

But to achieve this you have to spend your time resolving one issue after another.

Whether resolving a client related problem such as a safeguarding incident, tissue viability problem or an angry relative, or a staff related problem such as absenteeism, poor work or a disciplinary your day is often filled with problem for you to resolve.

You also have to make sure you report all the information that the industry demands of you and make sure documentation such as care plans are accurate and up-to-date.

You have to make sure empty beds are filled quickly, that costs are managed well, that your staff receive their mandatory training and that your home is turning a profit.

You would like to work normal hours and be able to relax in your evenings and at weekends without calls from your staff. An uninterrupted holiday with your family would be fantastic.

You need your home and people to work well without you and we can help you do that.

Whatever the right solution or solutions might be we will work with you to identify them and make them work.

If you want things to work better then complete the form below with as much detail of your challenge as possible. Alternatively you can email us at help@qualityofcare.co.uk. We will get back to you quickly to have an initial, no obligation, chat with you.

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We can help you:


Establish the right processes and rules to make your home run efficiently and effectively.


Keep care plans, reports and audits up to date and accurate.


Recruit, develop and retain the best people who can run your home without needing your guidance.


Step back so you can stay in control and keep things on course.

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