Care Home Coronavirus Cost Calculator



Keeping your residents safe from Coronavirus is having a huge financial impact on your care home.
Use the Care home Coronavirus Calculator to find out just how big an impact.

You know that Coronavirus is having a massive impact on your care home, but do you know just how big an impact? I don’t mean a gut-feel impact based on the obvious disruption this is causing, but the real, hard financial and time impact this is having.


Enter how long it takes to carry out a single staff test and resident test and check, how often you have to perform them and, along with your occupancy and staff levels, the tool will calculate the cost of carrying out:

• Weekly staff PCR tests,

• Weekly staff LFD tests,

• Daily resident checks,

• Monthly resident PCR tests.

The calculator will also show you the extraordinary time it takes to carry out these tests and checks so you can see the impact on your staff and their ability to carry out their normal duties.

You can also use the tool to calculate your overall PPE cost and the costs of having visitors and other costs such as Coronavirus training, the checking of results and out of shift testing.

Download the Care Home Coronavirus Cost Calculator now
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You need solid data of this cost and time impact, in order to know:
• How much extra this is costing you per resident,
• The time impact on your staff and if you need to increase staff levels.

These increased costs need to be covered and so you need this information to justify the fee increases you need to make to stay financially viable.








What is the overall financial impact on your care home?

Enter your average bed fee and the Coronavirus Cost Calculator will work out your annual revenue based on this average fee.

The tool will then show you how much revenue and profit the cost of Coronavirus is wiping out from your bottom line.

(All example figures are based on a 50-bed nursing home with 120 staff and carrying out the required tests and checks. Revenue based on the average fee English councils paid nursing homes in 2020 of £764 according to LaingBuisson.)





 You can only calculate this extra cost of keeping your residents safe if you know the average hourly costs for your front-line staff who directly care for your residents – your carers and nurses.


The Coronavirus Cost Calculator will work out the average hourly rates for your carers and nurses.



Enter all your care and nurse team positions, how many of each and their hourly rates and the tool will calculate the average hourly rate for each.

If you want to accurately calculate your costs and hence the fees you need, then knowing these average hourly rates is vital.

Download the Care Home Coronavirus Cost Calculator now
for only £12

Keeping Coronavirus out of your care home is costing a fortune.

Know what this cost is – have that clarity – because only when you know your costs, can you make sure you generate the income and profit your care home needs to survive this challenging time we’re in and beyond.

With the Care Home Coronavirus Cost Calculator you can:

 • Calculate the extra cost these tests and checks put on your care home,
 • See how much extra time these tasks take and if you require more staff,
 • Know how much this has increased your running costs per resident,
 • Establish accurate data to help you in discussions with your local council and other referrers.


Why am I selling this for £12?

The only reason for the small charge is to separate those who seriously want to get a handle on this eye-watering extra cost so you can strategically act on it, from the idle curious who will only hope that this extra cost won’t financially cripple them.

If you want to make sure your care home is financially resilient enough to make it through these and future challenging times and are willing to do the work to make it happen, then this low price means nothing.

For me it is an indication of your commitment to make your care home(s) financially viable. It is you who I want to work with and help make that happen.

Download the Care Home Coronavirus Cost Calculator now
for only £12

Plus, my ‘no questions asked, 30-day money back’ guarantee means zero financial risk to you. If you feel the tool doesn’t give you the information you need then I’ll refund your money.

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