Calculate How Much Your Care Costs Will Increase After April

Get the Care Provider’s Cost Forecast Pack For Only £95

Costs Like Fuel and Food Are Increasing Almost Weekly and After April Utilities and Staff Costs Will Rise Massively. 

What Will This Mean for Your Care Business?

      • Your fixed costs have increased dramatically because of increased energy cap, fuel, food, and insurance.

      • Your staff costs have increased because of increases in NLW, NMW and NI.

      • That staff cost rise has increased the cost of the care you deliver.

    The financial impact of all of these increases is far too big to ignore.

    To ensure that your care service is financially secure this year and beyond, it’s vital that you take control of the financial health of your care business.



    Introducing The Care Provider’s Forecast Pack



    JUST £95

    Use the Care Provider’s Cost Forecast to Calculate Your Cost Rises and help you to…


    • Eliminate all guesswork and doubt.

    • Create accurate fees based on your true costs.

    • Successfully increase your fees by providing accurate, evidence-based costs.

    • Ensure your care business remains financially secure.

    What’s Inside The “Care Provider’s Cost Forecast Pack”?

    Everything you need to work out how much your costs will rise this financial year. 

    • Cost Forecast Tool: Calculate your cost increases for the coming financial year so you can work out if your fees are enough or need to be increased.

    • Average Hourly Rate Calculator: Calculate the average hourly rate for your care and nurse teams so you can accurately calculate the cost of the care you deliver.

    • Cost Forecast Tools Guide: This will guide you through how to use the tools to work out what your cost rises will be.

    • 6 Steps to Make Sure Your Care Business is Financially Secure Report.

    • My Help: This is so important that I am offering my time as part of this pack to help you if you are struggling with any part of this process.

    Get the tools, guidance and help I have given other care providers so they can prepare their care businesses for these extraordinary cost increases


    JUST £95

    Do you…

    Worry about the future of your care business?

    Lose sleep over how you are going to deliver the care your clients need with these awful cost increases?

    Feel daunted at the prospect of having to push for higher fees?

    Want the clarity of knowing what your costs are going to be and what you need to do to keep your business financially healthy? 

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    If you answered YES to any of these questions

    then this Cost Forecast Pack is for you.

    Invest in this pack and put your care business on the right footing for the year ahead.


    JUST £95 

    “The spreadsheets we were given were so great and really helpful in determining costs and percentages. The spreadsheets did all the work once I had put my figures in. Extremely useful.” 

    Mary Nawal, Care Home Owner.

    No risk 30-day money back guarantee.

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