Set The Right Fees

Do you…

  • Deliver the right care that meets each resident’s individual needs?
  • Have enough good, reliable staff that can deliver that care?
  • Train your staff to a high enough standard?
  • Run a care home that is fully compliant?
  • Return enough profit to be financially viable?


If you say no to any of those bullet points then you will also no doubt be saying no to the last question too. This is because if you don’t receive the fees you really need then you will struggle to achieve any that I have listed above and you’re your care home – your business – will not be financially viable.

Too many care homes are not financially viable simply because the fees they receive from their local authorities are way too low.

The result is a care home that struggles and eventually becomes one of the too many that becomes insolvent and has to close.

It is that black and white.

If you don’t receive the right fees you will struggle to care for your residents and to keep your care home running.

For the sake of this sector and the vulnerable people who need care, home closure through insolvency must stop. And the only way to make that happen is for each and every care provider – for you – to start demanding the fees they, and you, really need.

Our care homes MUST be financially strong and resilient. This is the only way they and this sector has any chance of surviving. So you must start to set and receive the right fees.

The right fee for a client will cover their particular care and wellbeing needs and a proportion of the cost of running your home and returning the profit your business needs to be financially strong.

If you don’t know how to:

  • Calculate the right weekly fee for a particular client;
  • Present that fee to your local authority and
  • Receive that fee from them, then you must learn and we can show you.

For many years our care homes run by our sister company have received the fees they need and are financially strong. We can help you do the same.

Come to one of our half-day training sessions and learn how to calculate, set and receive the right fees. Click the banner below to find out more.

Seriously, if you’re not receiving high enough fees then you cannot afford to miss this training.

When you click through the banner you’ll find out more about the training and have a chance to register your interest.

These training session are limited in number so by registering your interest I’ll make sure you know first when the next training session is taking pace before promoting it to others. This will give you the chance to make sure you secure your place.

Our local authorities pay us the fees we need and because they do, our nursing homes:

  • Are financially viable;
  • Employ and highly train quality people who deliver the care needed;
  • Run efficiently and effectively;
  • Are rated ‘Good’ by CQC;
  • Are almost always fully occupied.

We set up QoC to help care homes succeed and receiving the right fees is where it starts.

This vital half-day training is only £150 and if you book early enough you could secure your seat for only £99.

If you want to run a good care home and stay financially strong you must receive the right fees. If you don’t know how to do that then you must attend this training.

“[Chris and Juliet] delivered a brilliant and thought provoking seminar together. Feel a lot more confident.” Chris Jones, Care provider in Shropshire.

“Very professional, yet relaxing interactive training. Well presented and worth it!” Deborah Roberts, Care provider, South Staffordshire.

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