Every day thousands of new businesses are created including care homes.

It takes a huge leap of courage to start your own business. You can feel both excitement and fear as you take that first step in a long, difficult but highly rewarding journey.

Everyday, as thousands of businesses start an equivalent number close, the majority having struggled for a while and finally called it a day.

It’s a crying shame but it happens. But for the care sector, it’s more than a crying shame. Every good care home that closes is a disaster.

Between March 2015 and March 2017, 200 nursing homes in England alone closed – that’s around 4000 beds. The sector cannot afford that to happen because, as you know, we need more and more care homes.

But what is really sad is that the vast majority of those businesses, in whatever sector or industry they worked in, that struggled and failed, didn’t need to.

They struggled and failed because they lacked 2 vital elements…they lacked Certainty and Control.

Instead of certainty and control they built their business based on hope and luck.

They hoped that what they’re doing would work and that, with a bit of luck all would be well and their business would prosper.

Building a business (whatever that business is, including care homes) based on hope and luck is like building your house on sand. Its foundation isn’t strong enough to sustain it, especially when things go wrong, which they will.

Build your business based on certainty and control and you will build your business on a solid foundation, which will give it the strength it needs to grow and to handle those moments when things do go wrong.

Now of course, you cannot achieve complete, 100% certainty or control. We live in an analogue world and so there will always be an element of uncertainty and a lack of control.

But the difference is how much you reduce uncertainty by and how much you are in control by – that you can influence.

In your business – in your care home – you need to have the certainty of knowing what it is you need to be doing to build and maintain a strong care home and to even grow and expand. And you need to be in control to make it happen and keep your ship on course.

Establish Certainty and Control

I’ve carried out a huge amount of research over the years. I’ve looked at why businesses go wrong and I know that they do so because they lack these key elements.

The most successful businesses are the strongest businesses and they are strong because they stand on a strong foundation based that gives them certainty and control.

But it’s all well and good me saying you need certainty and control in your business but what does that mean? After all, you can’t physically hold them or directly establish them. They are intangible elements. You need the tangible equivalents.

I have identified 3 key tangible components that together will give you and your business this all important certainty and control.

You need to have the certainty of knowing what you need to do and how you’re going to do it – you need a plan – you need a strategy.

Control comes from you and your ability to implement your strategy, to make your care home(s) work and to keep your business on course – this is about your leadership.

To be able to step back and be the leader your business needs, you need your care home – your business – to run as efficiently and effectively, and with as little day-to-day input from you, as possible. You need systems in place.

Establish these 3 components or fundamental building blocks as I call them, in your business and you will have the vital ingredients you need for success.

Do you hope that your business – your care home- will achieve your aims or do you want to be as certain as possible?

If you want to know more about these 3 building blocks and why they are vital, I’ve written an eBook called, .

I’ve written this under my other business, Your Business Foundation, but it’s as applicable to care homes as any other business. and see how to establish this certainty and how to have the control needed to keep your business on course.

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