Check out our online tools which will help you identify and set the right fees for your care home

Quality Care CalculatorBed Fee Calculator

The Quality Care Calculator is the only tool that will accurately set the right fees based on the individual care needs of your residents and the financial needs of your care home business.

Care Home Running Cost Calculator

Use This Tool To Work Out Your Costs So You Can Set The Right Fees And Be Financially Viable.

Download the Care Home Running Cost Calculator to eliminate the guesswork from knowing your costs. 

Care Home Average Hourly Rate Calculator

To calculate your care home fees accurately you need to know what your average hourly rates are for both your care and nurse teams.

Download the Care Home Average Hourly Rate Calculator to calculate these rates.

Care Home Coronavirus Cost Calculator

Keeping your residents safe from Coronavirus is having a huge financial impact on your care home.

Use the Care home Coronavirus Calculator to find out just how big an impact.

National Living Wage Calculator

How much will the latest rise in the National Living Wage cost you in this coming fiscal year and how much extra will it add to your weekly bed cost?

Download the free National Living Wage Calculator to assess the financial impact on your care home.

Care Providers GDPR Template PackCare Provider’s GDPR Template Pack

Includes 32 GDPR compliant polices, processes, forms, audits and letters, plus a powerful IT security audit tool and GDPR compliance guide.

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