Bring Out the Best in Your People

From care delivery to compliance, from decision-making to productivity, your people make the biggest difference to the success of your care home.

Your people are your greatest asset. But they can also be your greatest risk. Bad decisions and attitude, mistakes and conflict, can harm the vulnerable people you care for and can badly impact your care home.

You need to recruit, develop and hold onto good people. You need to train, mentor and inspire them and you need bring out the best in them.

And we can help you achieve this.

In addition to care specific and Diploma training, we can also provide business-specific training that will help you build a strong, profitable business.
Right now though, this part of the website is being re-developed so if you want to talk to us about your training needs please contact Karen Hunter at Thank you.

Care Specific Training

Diplomas Level 2 to 5

Quality of Care is an accredited training company. It was accredited by I-can Qualifications Company Ltd and and Qualsafe Ltd.

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