Care Specific Training

We have a selection of care-related half-day training sessions some of which are mandatory and the rest are ‘good-to-have’ sessions that will improve the quality of the care you provide and reduce the mistakes and issues that can result in distressed clients, unhappy relatives or safeguarding incidents.

Pick the relevant training sessions that your people need and see what we cover. All training ends with a short multiple-choice quiz that if successfully passed results in a certificate award for you to file so that you can show that the training has been received.

Fire Safety

Dementia Awareness

Introductions to Falls Prevention

Equality & Diversity

Nutrition & Hydration

Person Centred Care

Introduction to Food Safety

Safeguarding / Mental Capacity Act / DOL's

Moving & Handling


Information Governance (IG)

accredited by I-can Qualifications Company Ltd

Quality of Care is an accredited training company. It was accredited by I-can Qualifications Company Ltd and and Qualsafe Ltd.

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