Safeguarding / Mental Capacity Act / DOL’s

Safeguarding is about protecting people who are receiving care or treatment. This training helps to build effective relationships with people who lack capacity. It explores the meaning of this for the individual with a particular emphasis on empowerment, participation and best practice.

Who is the course for?

Anyone working within a care setting.

These areas of legislation can be very daunting and appear complicated. Our training explains what these terms mean in a clear and simple way.

Aim of the course

Participants will be able to understand how to protect people from harm, how to keep them safe and how to work within the legislation surrounding these topics.

What we will cover

  • What is safeguarding;
  • Terms, signs and symptoms of abuse;
  • Whistleblowing;
  • Best interests;
  • Lasting power of attorney;
  • Court of protection;
  • Role of an IMCA;
  • DOL’S and their importance;
  • Mental Capacity Act.


The course lasts 4 hours and will involve participant participation, group activity and open discussions in a relaxed learning environment. Upon successful completion of multiple-choice questionnaire, a certificate will be awarded. Our experienced trainers will be on hand to help throughout.

Important Information

This is a mandatory requirement required by law, it is vital training for staff that care and manage people within a care setting. It is enforced by CQC.

This course links directly to the Care Certificate and Diplomas in Health & Social Care; it can be cross-referenced for evidence towards these awards.

To book a place or to find out when the training sessions are being held, please contact Stephen Woodward at or call her on 01902 297873.

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