What We Do

From hands-on help to training to tools – we
will help you in the way that suits you best and that returns the biggest difference.

Consultancy and Coaching

Whether you need an urgent rescue package, need to move your CQC compliance out of special measures, need to improve how your current business runs or want help to expand and grow to the next level – we can help.


Training your people to the highest possible standard is not only a legal requirement but also vital if you want your home to deliver quality care and a home that runs smoothly and effectively.

It’s a real challenge to arrange for enough staff to be off the floor and available to fill a training session. The way we deliver our training eliminates that problem because training sessions are carried out at our head office site where we train our own staff in our bespoke training rooms.

That means that you don’t need to arrange for a whole class room of your people to be available but simply book in who needs training in small manageable numbers. Even if that number is 1 – if the place is available then take it.

Be aware though that places are limited so if you have people who need to attend a training session then don’t hesitate and book that place now.


There is so much to running a care home from reporting incident and accidents to making sure all your staff are fully trained to working out how much to pay your staff based on their shift patterns to calculating how much providing specific care costs to have a set of clear processes for your staff.

We have created Microsoft Office™ based tools are used in care homes and reduce time and effort, eliminate much paperwork and increase productivity and accuracy.

Our mission is to help care homes succeed and so if you’re struggling with something then talk to us because we’ll almost certainly have had to overcome the same challenge and will be able to help. The thing not to do is to keep struggling with the problem.

The first step starts with you.

Contact us by completing the form or sending us and email or simply by picking up the phone.

Don’t be stuck – take a big step forward to solving your challenges and running a strong, successful care home and contact us.

If you’re concerned about the cost of our help, don’t be. Most times we’re able to work in a way that helps you afford the investment you need to make in your care home and business to get the return you, your clients and your people need.

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