Consultancy and Coaching

We can help you overcome a major challenge, improve how your home and business runs or help you grow your business.

We begin with a conversation and a high-level assessment of your home(s) and business whilst focusing on the key challenge or challenges you face. We will then work with you to create a realistic action plan that will present the right balance between investment and return.

Here are examples of how we can help you:

  • Acquire the correct cost of care for your clients and ensure that you are aware of the appropriate funding streams available;
  • Effectively recruit and train the right people and find the future leaders from within your team;
  • Overcome those challenges that impact your home such as with staff attitude and productivity, with upset relatives or with CQC inspections;
  • Identify the key systems and processes that keep your home running and help you ensure your people adhere to them. We also have a library of ready-made processes and electronic monitoring documents that reduce time, effort and mistakes;
  • Stream-line the your reporting requirements so that they are accurate, up to date and take less time to complete.

Our goals will always be to help you achieve the biggest positive difference possible against the resource available. And the gains to you for our help will always far outweigh the investment.

To find out if we can help you contact us for a no obligation chat.

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